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MSU Connection Speed Test

How fast is your connection?

Please note: As of January, 2009, we have received a number of reports of slow network performance, as being reported by this speed test site. The best information we have indicates that this may be due to recent updates to Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use this tool along with other Internet-accessible speed test sites, and that you try different browsers for comparison, where available.

Welcome to the MSU Speed Test website!

The tests below are used to calculate the speed of link between your computer and our server. This measurement is achieved by sending you a specific amount of random data. The transfer is timed by your browser, and the results then calculated based on the transfer speed.

To test your speed, choose one of the following:

Note: You must enable Javascript on your browser in order to use these tests.

After your results are posted you have the option to report your results to our logs. We strongly urge you to do this as the data that is gathered can be used to help us fix any problems that we can, and hopefully make your network experience a better one.

If you have more than one browser on your computer, you may wish to try the test on each of them, as the speeds can differ with the browser you choose, particularly if you have a high speed connection. Our results under most Windows operating systems show that Internet Explorer generally shows better performance figures than Firefox, although this may have changed as of late.

Last modified: 26-Feb-2009